Monday, September 30, 2013

September Reflection and October Goals

I can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of October!  Wow!  Where has the time gone?  So much has happened in such a short period of time.  My life has just been flying before my eyes.  Every time I blink, my life has seemed to have fast forwarded an extreme amount.  It kind of seems like Click.  I don't really think that a lot of really big/important things have happened this past month, but I figured that I should still look back on the past month to see where I have come and look to where I'm going.

1. I Survived My First Month of High School.  I can't believe I've already gone through my first month of high school!  It went by really fast.  I've take at least one test in each subject.  I push myself everyday, but I'm trying to not over do it.  My biggest fear is pushing myself too much and end up crashing and burning!  I have survived one month so far, I just have about 8 more to go... But I'm telling you, they go by fast.

2. Homecoming... I loved homecoming!  It was a lot of fun!  I have some really great pictures and memories that will be with me forever!  I'm really glad I went to homecoming with a close friend!  I hope to go to homecoming in the future, but it was really nice to go to my first homecoming with someone I was comfortable around.  I'm young and excited for what the future holds for me! 

3. Freshmen Retreat.  I had lots of fun at my big Freshmen Retreat.  It helped my class become closer.  We are suppose to be more than a class.  Every class in the history of my high school has become a family by the time they graduate.  I hope my class does the same.  I'm sure there will be bumps in the road in the future, but I really have hope that my class becomes a family quickly.  The last thing I want to see is my class divided rather than united.

4. Field Trip to Point Park University.  I know I have talked about my field trip to the school before, but it was a lot of fun!  It really allowed me to connect with my classmates.  I got to see my classmates on a more relaxed level.  We all are so much more comfortable around each other.  We joke; we laugh; we have fun.  My class is so much more fun thanks to that one field trip.

5. Getting a Perfect Score on My Latin Vocab!!! I'm not bragging.  Im just still in awe about the whole grade!  I really want to continue doing well in Latin class.  It's a lot of work to do well Latin class, but I love it!  Latin pushes me to work harder and teaches me how to study.  I don't care if my friends can be slackers and get good grades in Spanish, I'm learning so many things that will help me be successful in high school and college.  

1. Step Back and Admire the Little Things.  I have been trying to do that everyday.  Just admire the little things. Whether it's the change in the color of the leaves.  Or the beautiful sunsets in the mornings.  My favorite is the perfect mornings where there is a slight chill to the air that lets you see your breath with a little cloud of steam.  That's a perfect Fall morning in my eyes.

2. Perfection is Overrated.  I don't believe in Perfection.  But I love the search for perfection.  I'm a Type A Perfectionist who wants her life to be perfect, or almost perfect... My friend tries to tell me Perfection is Overrated, but I think the journey is a lot more fun than the destination.  The experience is better than end point.  And the anticipation is better than the present.  

3. Find a Great Balance Between School and Personal Life.  Everyone needs to find what works for them.  I'm trying to figure out what works best for me.  Balance is a science that evolves and grows and changes.  As people change so do their ideas of balance.  Last year, I thought balance was 80% school and school oriented activities and 20% family, friends, social life and other activities.  I'm not sure what this years balance needs to be. So far there is less school and more social activities.  But I'm still figuring out what I want from my life.  

4. Find a Halloween Costume!  I know, I know, Halloween is a little bit more for little kids.  But I love the candy.  Everyone dresses up still.  I usually have friends over and have a Taco Bar!  So much fun!  I can't wait until Halloween!  (Any ideas for Halloween costumes for teenage girls?)

September is coming to a close, and October is going to be in full spring soon.
What are your goals for the new month?  What have you learned in the past month that has helped you grow?

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ok. So I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in the past week!  My life has just been so crazy!  Saturday was homecoming.  I was slammed with homework all week.  I had a big Retreat Tuesday.  A quiz in Latin to finish and correct.  Then another test on Monday for which to study!!! Then there was Confirmation Prep tonight.  But I learned something this week... Well many things actually.

1. Don't go to Homecoming alone.  Groups are ok, but dates are really nice to have.  This may sound silly from me because I'm very focused on school rather than dating, but I kind of got a pang of jealousy seeing my friends with their dates.  I loved going with a guy friend and a group, but I think dates are kind of part of the experience.  I may sound dumb saying this but I don't care... My number one goal is to find a good guy to go with to Winter Semi-Formal.  I'm not saying that I didn't have loads of fun going with my long time friend and a group, but dances are just more fun when you go with a date!  (Or at least they look more fun...)  So I want to try going with a guy as a couple to a dance, just to say I did!

2. Don't Procrastinate! That's one thing that made me become so stressed out this weekend.  I was so tired Friday after going out to dinner and cleaning.  (Yes, I clean on the weekends.)  Then, I went shopping Saturday before Homecoming.  Then, HOMECOMING was a huge deal because I had to get ready then go then I pretty much fell asleep in my dress.  Finally, Sunday.  Well there was Festa Italia, then lunch, then Confirmation Prep.  Then, FINALLY, homework.  I was so stressed though because I knew in the back of my head that I had a boat load of assignments and projects and forms to complete before I go to bed tonight.  So please, learn from my mistake... Don't Procrastinate.  Just suck it up and get your assignments done before everything gets out of hand.

3. Stay Focused and Organized.  I think this is a big one.  If I weren't so focused and organized, I wouldn't be able to get the things I need done... Done.  It's hard to explain what I mean by this.  You kind of just have to be born with motivation and drive.  I love being organized and focused.  When I'm focused, I get so much more out of myself.  I wasn't really focused this weekend, so I felt like I didn't really accomplish anything... Even though I really did accomplish a lot in such a short period of time.  Being focused and organized allows me to see everything as it should be and not be blinded by the stress of craziness

4. The Importance of Friends and Family.  Well my friends and family are the people that keep me sane and drive my crazy at the same time.  And that's why I love them!  I got to see some old friends at homecoming and Festa Italia this weekend.  It was really nice to see people who I rarely see now a days!  Their faces brought back old memories and feelings.  Feelings and memories I thought I had lost.

So what did you learn about yourself and your life this past week?  Was your week as crazy as mine?!

PS. I am watching Sleepless in Seattle right now.  They are the best part!!! I love gooey chick flicks.  That's one thing that reminds me I'm still a teenage girl.  Plus I'm a big movie buff...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

At a Crossroads...

The strangest thing happened today.  I was at a lost for words.  And that never happens with me.  I always have a story to tell, an opinion to give, a fact to inform with.  But today I was texting my close friend/mentor about how I'm at a crossroads in my life.

I'm not sure how to explain it... Recently I have felt like I have been growing and changing.  Which is a good thing, but I also think that every time I grow a bit I'm also losing a bit of my old self as well.  Which makes sense, I guess.

Writing those two paragraphs have just made me realize what is happening in my life.

I'm at a point where I'm transforming from Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy.  Now that would be me.  A nerd who uses Physics to explain what is happening in her life.  How about I explain it in a different metaphor.

Life is like a big roller coaster.  We have our ups and downs but we always seem to survive.  The past 8-9 years have been preparing me for the next phase of my life.  All of those years of working hard has now turned into something else.  I think I probably hit the peak of the hill on this part of the roller  coaster when I was accepted to my current high school, won all of the awards and graduated top of my class.

Now I'm flying down the hill at a crazy rate.  There is so much adrenaline running through my veins.  And my life is just flying by.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  I think it's a little bit of both, but it's mainly just different.  Which I'm not sure if I like yet.  Change is good, but I'm use to it in small doses.

At the beginning of Summer, I was on the top of the world.  Now I'm afraid of hitting rock bottom.  I know that one day something is going to happen and I'll have to start working to get to the top of the next peak.  But right now, I need to figure out what path I want to take.

I'm not unsure of myself, I'm actually really confident right now.  I feel like I have accomplished all of the goals I have set for myself in the past.  I just need to figure out what goals I want to accomplish in the future days, weeks, months, years, etc...

I felt the same exact way last year.  I was having fun but working hard in the beginning of Fall.  Then I got down to work.  I just need to find some projects for me to work on this year.  Last year I worked on getting into my high school with scholarships, but now what do I do?

I'm at a point in my life that I have to ask myself: Do I go with the flow, or do I blaze my own way?  I think I'm going to go with the latter choice.  I never go with the flow.  I cut a new path for myself.  And others can follow me if they wish.

So this year are you going to go with the flow or fight the current?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Point Park University Review

So I recently went on a field trip to Point Park University for my Communications class.  We went to the School of Communications at Point Park University.  And it's an amazing school I must say.  There are so many interesting departments.  Even the school is relatively new compared to most schools in the country, it makes sense because it is a school that seems to be very technologically advanced.

Some of the professors spoke to my class about what the school offers.  We walked around campus and met some really cool people.  I learned a lot of information that I know will come in use in the future for me.  Even though I'm probably not going to pursue a career in Communications, I learned techniques that I know I will need when I'm older and techniques I need to know now because I blog.

I have to say my favorite part of the tour was going to the radio station on campus.  But I also love the atmosphere there.  It's very modern and relaxed.  The people there seem to have the hipster look and aren't so preppy like I am.  Which I think is really cool.  Not everyone is hipster but everything is so calm there. Plus I thought it was so cool to see ballerinas walking around in their leotards!

So if you want to go to any school that is small and relaxed, I suggest Point Park.  If you want to go to a great performing arts school with acting and dance, keep Point Park in the back of your mind.  I really want to job shadow there in the future because I love their radio station.  They have cameras and sound systems and green rooms and green screens and 'whisper rooms' for recording!  They have everything there.  They are also really up-to-date with the latest software.  Plus they really stress the importance of being a part of the real world in all of their departments, especially their Journalism department.

There was one professor that was talking to us about how most schools make you take a bunch of
general courses before you actual take classes for your major.  At Point Park, you take the classes for your major the first semester!  I really think that's cool.

This school is just so advanced.  They seem to be what I would see at colleges in 10-20 years from now.  You don't sit through a class in one huge lecture hall with 100 other kids.  You talk to your teachers. Bayou can get one-on-one time if you are struggling in a class.  The teachers really put personal time in to making you succeed.  I think that the one-on-one time is priceless.  Very few universities offer such a privilege.

Plus the dorm rooms for the 1st years are air-conditioned but the real dorm building is an old hotel that was turned into dorm rooms.  So Private Bathrooms for Everyone!  How nice is that!?

Here is the URL for the website for Point Park...

So are you interested in Communications or Performing Arts?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ideas for Post/Guest Blogging

Ok.  I really want to try something.  I love coming up with ideas for my blog, but I want YOU (my readers) to give me some ideas as to what you want to read.  I also want to hear from young and aspiring bloggers who want to get their name out there.  

So please email me or leave a comment at the bottom.
My blog email is

I want to hear from my readers.  I want to be as open and relatable to you as possible.  Send me some ideas, and I will definitely try to write about those topics in the near future!

Have a Great Weekend!

Friday Five Faves

So this week has been a...well a long one to say the least.  I spent yesterday at home trying to recover from a cold.  So I had some bit of time to come up with new ideas for my blog.  This is the beginning of one other.
This series of posts are exactly what the title says... My Five Favorite Things from the past week.

{Brisk Tea!}

Ok.  So I admit it...I'm addicted.  I usually get a big 24 oz can every time I run to the store or am studying for a test.  The amount of caffeine and sugar in these things are crazy!  I don't suggest drinking these if you have a weak heart.  I don't need one every day, but they are really nice when I need a boost.  Plus they aren't that expensive.

{The Breakfast Club}

I sat and watched this movie all day yesterday when I was home sick.  I love it!  You can't do a remake of this movie.  I'm a total movie buff so this is a classic In my book.  I have it on DVR so I
literally watch it every weekend.

{The College Prepster}

Every morning when I go to school, I will sit and read the daily posts from TCP before, during and after homeroom.  I love this blog.  I know I have posted about the website before.  But it's amazing!  I'm also becoming really attached to Private School Prepster as well, but the writers are both such role models for me as a young blogger.  I aspire to be bloggers like Carly and Ashley one day.

{Taylor Swift}

Ok.  So I'm not a country music fan necessarily.  I just love her music and the message of her music.
 I have been trying to learn how to play the piano so I can write and perform music.  I have Taylor's
style music.  But I need help.  Taylor Swift is a really great role model for girls my age because she seems so humble and down to earth.  She seems like all she wants to do is write about music.  Drama is just another part of life, so why not use it for inspiration.  It's a dream of mine to meet her one day because I really admire her for so many reasons.

{Cough Drops!!!}
I love Ludens the most, but I was carrying around at least three bags of different kinds of cough drops in my purse this whole week.  I managed to eat (if that's the right word) one whole bag of Multi-Berry and one bag of Strawberry cough drops this week.  I love cough drops.  They were so nice for when I would wake up with horrible sore throats every morning!

Well this week was a really long one, but I survived!  I have lots of work to do this weekend but I have so many plans  as well!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Out With The Old and In With The New (Organization 101: Clothes) Fall doesn't technically start until Sunday, but I wanted to get a jump start on all of my fall projects A.S.A.P. because Fall is going to be crazy.  I can just feel it.

So I decided I might as well switch my Spring/Summer clothes with my Fall/Winter clothes.  But I'm very picky when it comes to my clothes and closet.  They have to be organized a certain way.

So I might as well talk about the craziness of my clothes.  I don't really have a system of how I put my clothes away every time I put my clothes away.  I just have different methods that I put together to make one giant library of methods.

{one: drawers}
I like to make sure my drawers are really organized because I have seen so many people who have really cluttered drawers and it drives me crazy!  My drawers are sorted by article of clothing.  Undergarments, t-shirts, shorts, sweats, etc...  Then I sort them within the drawers by whether or not
they are a brand-name or just plain.

{two: shelves}
I don't have that many shelves so I use them for just my shoes.  Bottom shelf is used for my shoes that are either out of season or ones I don't need for school.  Then, I have a shelf for just my shoes for school.  Finally, my top shelf is where I'll usually put my LULU Bag because its really accessible if I just put it there every night after school.

{three: rack}
Ok.  So I technically don't have a closet, so I use a close rack that is in my room.  Because I don't have a closet, my room is very open-loft like.  I don't mind not having a closet because having a clothes rack in my room itself makes my room look different and not traditional.  And I like that.
Anyways, my clothes rack is always so busy looking.  But it's still very organized.  On the far left, I have all of my uniform pieces together.  Next, my nice dresses are hanging together,  Then, I have my coats and denim jackets.  Then, my cardigans, sweaters, blouses and nice tank tops.  (But my tanks tops are going into storage for the Winter soon along with my shorts.). Then, skirts.  And finally I
have my dress pants and jeans.  I know that sounds like a lot of clothes, but I love clothes.  I'm always looking for new clothes to add to my collection.  Then I give my old clothes to charity or family.

I have no clue if that was helpful to anyone, but it just shows another way I can be crazy when it comes to organization in my life.  I'm not a control freak; I just don't like having clutter.

How do you organize your clothes?  Are you also transitioning your Summer clothes out and your Fall clothes in?

Latin Life Lessons

I have a new idea for a series of blog post inspired by my Latin teacher...Mr. S! Mr. S is  very wise to say the least.  He is not only teaching me the language of Latin but also about life.  He has been working with my classes on our attitude.  So this first post is going to be all about his philosophy on Attitude. 

On one of our first days of class, Mr. S spoke to my freshmen class about the importance of attitude.  Not just attitude about school but learning. He asked how many kids are even considering going to college. Of course, everyone in the class raised their may seem silly but our parents kind of just expect that much from us.  Anyways. After we all raised our hands, he said that every one of use would be in some sort of classes for at least the next 8 years of your life.  Between high school and then college (under grad) then law school, I'm going to be in school for at least the next 11 years.  Which is what I want to do.  My mom even teases me that I should be a 'career student' because I love school so much! ;) 

All Mr. S was trying to prove is that our attitude towards learning and school needs to change dramatically and soon!  Which I have to agree with him on that.  Most of my classmates, and myself included, have the tendency to come to class, drop our bags (loudly I must add) and then slump into our seats until Mr. S tells us what to do.  Which is a Big No-No now a days.  

Now every day my classmates and I come into class with smiling faces.  We whip out our books and Latin Pens!  I'm not saying we don't fear the teacher.  Because trust me, he makes sure to remind us the importance of fear in his class.  But that's another story...

I have noticed that everyone's attitude in Latin has changed.  I especially know mine has as well.  Well not so much.  I always loved Latin.  And I still love it.  It challenges me everyday.  But I love challenges.

What I mean is that most of us use to hide out faces and try not to make eye contact with Mr. S out of fear we might have to answer his questions or go to the board.  (Myself included in that group.) We still know the importance of fear in Latin class.  But now we laugh and joke and have fun while still learning so much.  There is a change in the atmosphere in Latin class.  The atmosphere in Latin is amazing.  We are learning yet having fun while doing it.  Not every class is like that when you are in high school.  

Latin class is going to make me work so much harder, but it is going to teach me so much that will make my life a little bit easier when I'm out in the real world.  And in the real world, we aren't protected in the bubble of a classroom.

So, tomorrow when you go to class, walk in with a smile.  Take a positive attitude that 
you are going to enjoy the class and learn something.  Who knows... You might actually enjoy the class that day!  You never know.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Over-the-Hump Day Quote...

So today is Wednesday...right?!  Anyways, I always hear people mimicking the funny Geico commercial where the camel is yelling HUMP DAY!  I love that commercial!

So since this is Hump Day, I decide to upload one of my favorite quotes to help get everyone (ie you!) through the rest of the week.

This quote is inspirational for me.  And I need some inspiration to get through the rest of this week.  I woke up Monday with a cold, and I refuse to take the day off from school!  I know I should stay home and rest up, but I'm too stubborn to stay home.  My Monday and Tuesday classes are crazy ones I can't miss.  Then I had a big field trip today for Communication Class.  It was kind of mandatory and sounded like fun.  So I decided to suck it up and went to class... And it was lots of fun!  I'm glad I went!

Well wish me luck!  I hope I don't toss my cookies during classes tomorrow or Friday!  I love that I have a half day Friday!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

PS. I love writing quotes down in my planner or notebooks for a little inspiration everywhere I go!  So I'd love to get emails or comments with your favorite quotes!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organization 101: Homework...

So, I recently decided to create a new blog post series about organization...

To kick off the new series, I'm going to talk about homework...

Ohhhhh...the dreaded HW! I actually like homework unlike most kids.  I don't really worry about much other than good grades, homework, studying, blogging, volunteer work and the occasional after school club or activity.  It seems like a lot to slackers, but it's not that much compared to my friends who do all that and seem to be able to play sports as well.  Anyways. Here are my tips/steps to getting your homework done after school.

{one: write down assignments}
Ok. So this is a no-brainer for most, but even I forget to write my assignments down once in awhile.  This requires experimentation, consistency and organization.  
1) Experiment with different methods for writing down your assignments.  Do you work well with an actual assignment book or just a notebook with a bunch of lists?  I tried experimenting recently and found that I work better with an actual assignment book that is designated for JUST my assignments!  But I can get a lot more done on the weekends if I use a notebook where I just list all of the projects I need done before I start school.  And then there are some people that only use technology... I'm not that advance yet.
2) Consistency is super important!  You will go nuts if you keep jumping back and forth between an assignment book, an online calendar and a notebook of lists.  I don't trust technology fully though. I love my old school assignment book!  I have a planner everywhere I go so I never forget anything.  With consistency you have to remember to write stuff down.  It's no use if you don't use your planner every time homework is assigned.  If you have a planner, use it.  That's my best advice for anyone!
Be consistent!
3) Organization...the last essential to writing down assignments.  There are different methods for organization.  I like to write my classes in order in a list in my agenda the night before. Then I just complete the list with the assignments next to the name of the class.  Then I usually will cross off each assignment with a highlighter so I can still see it.  I also like to color-code my assignments by test, long-term projects, short-term projects and then daily assignments.

{two: prioritize your assignments}
I sometimes do this mentally, but I try to write a number by the assignment in my agenda.  Which is something you can't do with online planners sadly.  Just number them by their importance.  I usually go by the length of the assignment, the difficulty or the due dates.  The short assignments first. Then the longer/more difficult ones.  Finally long-term assignments come last.  My exception is that you should always break up your long-term projects into short-term assignments so you aren't overwhelmed.  My main method for numbering is Quick Assignments, Longer Assignments, STUDY, Short-Term Projects, Long-Term Projects and Massive Projects!!!! Just make sure that you put projects due soon before projects due in 2-3 weeks!

{three: complete your assignments}
This seems like another duuhhhh suggestion but not everyone likes to complete their homework.  I even have a hard time getting off my butt to get my homework done if I know my favorite show is on...but you have to get up and Git R Done!  Wow that sounds wrong.  I like my little brother and grandfather say... Just Do It!  That's what you have to say to yourself... Just Do It!

{four: take a break}
My Latin teacher was telling my class about one of the best methods for studying as students.  Part of the method is taking breaks.  (I'll make sure to talk more about his method in the future though!)  But I agree!  I love taking little breaks in between studying.  Whether it's get a shower after I'm done with   a big chunk of a project.  Or go for a walk after I'm done with writing an essay online.  But what's even easier is do crunches after studying for 10 minutes.  My favorite method is get a bite to eat after completing some basic assignments.  Just remember... No junk food!

{five: repeat steps three and four}

{six: breathe}
FINALLY! You are done with tonight's homework assignments!  Take a breath of fresh air and then get ready for bed... Or get ready to go out if it's a Friday/Saturday night!  Have a bit of fun and reward yourself!  Don't go crazy but do something that helps you relax... I like to read blogs and post new articles.

Hope this helps anyone trying to figure out how to get all of your homework done and not go crazy!

Email me if you have any tips on how you study or get your homework done.

PS: don't do homework on the bus in the morning.  I sleep on the bus or study.  That's it because my work looks sloppy when I do it on the bus in the morning when I'm rushing!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I know many of you may think that this post is a little too late.  But I want to tell you something, it is never too late to pay your respects to those who lost their lives.

When my parents were kids, everyone knew we're they were when Kennedy was shot.  My Grandfather had stories about The War.  Now our generation too has stories about a day that changed our lives forever.  I want to tell you mine.

12 years ago, something happened that I will never forget.  On September 11th, 2001, my little brother and I were sitting on the couch watching TV.  When my family and I were talking about the day the other night, my mom said how I was having a kaniption because my brother kept switching the channels.  Which he still does today and I still go crazy when he does. 

As my brother is flipping through the channels my mom tells him to stop, but not for the reason I wanted.  The screen kept showing the same image.  It was an image of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Something was happening.

My mom started crying.  I realized that something was wrong.  I said something to my mom that sounded so like me yet so not like me at the same time.  I said something about how it was because of  bad people. (I was only 2 at the time and my brother was only 15 months old.  Don't ask me how he was even able to flip the channels at that age.)

I may have only been a toddler, but I knew something was wrong.  Children know.  No matter how much their parents try to keep from them.  Some children just always seem to know.  And I was one of those children.

My mom then told us to get off the couch and come into the kitchen to make cookies. Being only 2 I thought, 'Yay! Cookies!'  But now that I'm older, I realized what my mom was doing.  She told us that the reason why she wanted to make cookies was because she was trying to distract us and distract herself.  She thought, 'I'll go into the kitchen, make a big mess, make tons of cookies. Clean up the whole kitchen and stay away from the TV.'

Now I understand.

It may have only been 11 years since the attack.  But it feels like yesterday.

So many books have been published about the attack.  Books have been inspired by stories of the attack.  People came together days after the attack, but I'm afraid of forgetting.  

People always say that they will never forget the day the world changed.  But many people already have.  I know you can't dwell in the past, but you also can't forget. Because when we forget the past as a society, we are doomed to relive the past as a society.

The world changes everyday, every week and every year.  But the feelings on September 11th will never change.

I want to show you a post Shay Mitchell put up online on September 11th.

Tell someone you love them.  I try to say I love you to my mom and dad every night.  I also say I love you to my siblings because I know that family is the only thing that lasts after life.  That and love.

I always have said: If you do not have a love of country or a love of God, then you truly have nothing.


Ok so I had a plan that I was going to blog Friday night.  But that didn't happen...and there is no excuse...but I was really distracted!

So Friday I got my new iPad from school!  I'm absolutely in love with my iPad!  It is so helpful and useful!  Literally every one of my classmates from 3rd period Physics ran to the Technology Coordinator's room after class.  The people who already had their iPads went to class and were on time... Not me though!  I was late but my teacher was really easy going about me being late because I got my iPad!

All of my last two periods of the day I was just playing on my iPad for the rest of my classes.  My teacher didn't notice but I was working on a google doc in class as well... But I love being able to use my iPad in class.  It's so nice to use my iPad for taking notes rather than handwriting everything.  My friends were teasing me on the bus though because I was going all OCD because I was filling in my calendar and writing a new blog post.  While most of them were listening to music, I was trying to come up with some new ideas for my blog!

I have some really good ideas for blog posts, but I just need to find away to schedule enough time to accomplish all of my daily goals...

Any advice about keeping consistency when blogging during the school year?

Sunday, September 8, 2013



So, I recently went shopping for my Homecoming dress and accessories when I "stumbled upon" (ie. ran over to) the LULU section of the handbags at JCPenney's.  I know LULU isn't a Louis Vuitton or FENDI or even a Coach, but they are still super cute!  Plus the whole London, Britain theme is really in for some reason...

My mom has a bag from the LULU by Lulu Guinness collection.  It's really big to me, but I'm sure I'm going to steal it in a few years when I need it as my book bag! ;)  Here's what it looks like...

My Mom's Bag...

This bag Isaw was too cute! It's Navy Blu, Gray and Bright Pink. It has the traditional London Design. Plus it was on sale. I think it was about 1/5th the original price.  Needless to say...I got it!  Here's what it looks like...
Lulu by GuinnessTM Ring Satchel

Now, I don't mind paying full price for a cute handbag, but when it's only 1/5th the price...I am in love with the bag!  I got it at JCPenney's but LULU by Lulu Guinness is an international company originally from Britain.  (Obviously)  But I did some research, and the price of the this bag wasn't just great...IT WAS A STEAL!  I am so glad I got the bag!

You have to understand...I don't really own handbags.  I am more of a cross-body type of girl.  I have my FENDI bags, but they are really small.  Then my Coach and Nine West bags are just cross-body's.  But this is my first REAL HANDBAG!  I must sound so silly, but I really love this bag.  Which is weird because it's kind of a personal pet peeve of mine for young girls/teens to own big handbags or wear heels.  I personally just think it looks like they are trying too hard to look grown up.  So I'm a little hesitant to use this bag all the time because I think I'm a hypocrite if I do.  But I'm still going to carry my bag around when it's proper.  School is definitely not the right atmosphere...yet! ;)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I absolutely love this quote.  I actually sometimes feel like I'm about to go insane.  I so desperately want to get into some sort of routine, but I am having a hard time adjusting to school-life again.  It's so strange.  I think as soon as I do some new after school groups, clubs and volunteer work I will be back into the swing of things! :)  Hopefully

So many new things have been happening in the past few weeks.  I just started school last week, but I've already been slammed with massive essays, projects and tests for which to study.  Then, I start my Confirmation Prep classes this Sunday for 8 weeks.  On top of all of that, I'm was asked to homecoming by a friend!  My school doesn't have homecoming; so I'm going with my best guy friend to his homecoming.  I'm so excited!  Then, there was a huge party last night for a friend from grade school.  I have to say it was a lot of fun!  (Even if I had to sacrifice sleep because of it.)

Yet, I am searching for some sort of balance.  I want to be able to manage all of my classes, assignments and personal life.  I'm trying to find a perfect harmony.  I know that if I only put my time and effort into my personal life, friends or school life I am going to go crazy!  I don't want to do EVERYTHING!  But I want to keep myself busy.  I love being productive, but I also can't do too much.

I know everyone is searching for balance.  We all want to be able to manage our crazy lives.  I just am trying to figure my life out before things get too out of hand.  Don't get me wrong, I love my life.  I am at a point where I feel so successful.  I have come a long way since last Fall when I was trying to figure out what path I wanted to take.  I am so proud that I made it to high school.  I just want to explore more.  I love my life but I want more!  Doesn't everyone? ;)

Just remember to not take on the world by yourself.  Talk to people if you are struggling.  I was struggling in one class; so I spoke up.  Now I love that class.  Don't beat yourself up over nothing.  You are going to be stressed enough in high school; you don't need add to it over something silly.  Everyone deserves amazing memories of high school; so don't drive yourself insane during the process of making those memories.

Do you ever feel like you are going to go crazy before you are able to get through the rest of your day?  Have you figured out the best method for balancing life with school?  (If so, please comment what it is.)


PS.  I promise as soon as I get my i-Pad in a week I will be blogging more often.  I have way too much time on my hands during my bus ride that will be better served for blogging.  So keep checking in for more updates from me!  :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I want to apologize in advance because I'm trying to figure out how to manage my time wisely; so blogging has been put on the back-burner for a bit.  But I will TRY to work on my blog as much as possible.  I would love any tips on how to manage my time wisely.

I can't believe it.  I survived my first week of high school.  I learned so many things in just the few days I was there about my attitude, my work-ethic, my self-confidence, and myself.

I know that everyone is tired of the same lame phrase "Attitude is everything."  But it's true.  I'm sorry that it sounds so cliche, but your Attitude really is everything.  My Latin teacher (who I think is amazing) reminded my class that most of us will be in some sort of classroom for at least another 8-12 years.  (Considering most of us are in our freshman year of high school then are likely going to a four-year then grad's just what's expected of us by our parents.)  So he told us that, when we walk into our classes and lecture halls, we should always walk in with a positive attitude.  My dad always told me about how you always need to look at everything with a positive attitude.  So I have been trying my best to be more positive every day.

I love hard work.  I have no clue why, but I love a class where I actually have work.  What I don't like is a class where I just sit there.  But I recently found out that I also don't like a class where there's no actual interaction between the teacher and the student.  So far, my favorite class has been Latin because I am learning so much and actually being challenged.  I was so surprised when my Latin teacher assigned us homework on the first day of school.  But I absolutely love the class.  Even though I know I am going to be challenged as the years go on; I don't want to just slide through classes and not learn anything.  Working hard is just in my blood.  Hard work makes me me.  And I'm proud of who I am.

What can I say?  Self-confidence is so important.  I sometimes lack in self-confidence, but I have people reminding me qualities I forgot I had.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back and remember why you are at this point in time.  I recently was losing all sense of sanity because of one class.  A class that wasn't even a core class.  A class that was suppose to be fun.  I literally was coming home every night for most of the week upset because of this one class.  It wasn't the class's fault or the teacher's; it was my fault.  I was stressed because I wasn't confident in myself.  Which was silly.  I was actually considering dropping the class, but then I talked to my teacher.  I just spoke up and told her that I wasn't sure of myself.  I wasn't confident in my work and in the class itself.  But then, after she explained to me everything we are going to accomplish, I remembered why I signed up for the class in the first place.  I learned that though there will be challenges in life; the longer the climb to the summit, the better the view at the top.

It's hard to explain.  But I realized so many new things about myself.
(1) I overthink things.  Man do I overthink things!  I am not the type to do anything spontaneously.  It's always been a challenge for me to fit in because I don't do things without thinking out everything.  This is both good and bad; but when I over do it, I only hurt myself.
(2) I have really high expectations for everything.  When I'm just a little nervous about something, I always enjoy it even more.  My mom told me on the day of Orientation to just have fun and not to expect too much.  I did exactly that, and I loved Orientation.  I have been trying to take each new day as it comes.  I always have more fun when I don't expect a lot.  I see more, hear more and experience more when I'm not so focused on perfection.  Because...Perfection is Overrated.  
(3) I get over-stressed really easily.  And I shouldn't get so upset over little things.  I think it's because I can become really OCD when it comes to my life.  And when I can't control a part of my life, it drives me crazy.  I only end up hurting myself when I get so stressed.  It's always hard for me to adjust to a new school year, but this year was one of the hardest weeks for me ever.  High school is great but also a little stressful.  But I know that more stress is to come.  It's just a part of life as a teenager.  My job is to manage it.  I learned that I can't let stress ruin my life.  Because...I am the Only One In-Charge of My Life.

Sorry for writing so much, I really am trying to get my head in the game.  Wish me luck in trying to balance school and my personal life.