Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting School Off on the Right Foot

The first day, first week, first month even first semester of high school is one of the craziest.  But each day is going to bring new challenges, new experiences and new memories.  I always remember that this is a new year at a new school.  I AM the only person in charge of my future!  I decide whether I pass or fail.  So I am the one the one who determines whether I am going to be successful in my life.  And I want to be successful.  How about you?  Do you want to be successful this year?

So I think I should give a few tips on how to start off the first day, first week, first month, first semester, first year the right way.  I have no idea what to expect from high school, but I do know what has made me successful enough to be where I am right now in my life. 

{take everyday as it comes}
This one is essential to success and life.  When people ask me what I think about Karma or "the Big Picture", I just tell them that I think life is like a big puzzle.  Each day, minute, second, event is just another piece to that puzzle.  So I try to live in the moment and deal with each challenge as life throws it at me.  Any time I try to plan something down to the minute (because I'm so OCD) I only end of not enjoying the experience itself.  But when I live in the moment. I see the smallest details that I sometimes ignore because I'm so focused on perfection.  Let me tell you something my friend told me, "Perfection is Overrated."  And he is totally right.  We think we want perfection, but then we only miss out on the simple bits of perfection.  I try not to look for perfection; I'd rather just find it naturally.

{study, do your homework and participate}
I can't stress this enough!  I have always been a student that gets the assignment done three days early.  (I blame my OCD for that.)  The very few times that I ever missed a due date for an assignment; my teachers were stunned.  Some of my teachers understood if I explained what happened and cut me some slack because they knew I am a good student.  I never sucked up to my teachers; I just worked hard to keep their respect.  I don't care if I'm top of my class every year.  (Ok, so I kind of do.)  But the thing that hurts me more than doing bad on a test is the thought disappointing a teacher.  I can recover from one or two bad tests or assignments, but I could never recover from losing the respect of a teacher.

So, I make sure to study hard.  Complete my homework on time or a few days before.  (You never know what's going to happen between now and two days from now.)  And I always participate.  Teachers WANT to hear you your opinions and ideas on a topic.  (That's kind of why they ask.)  Most teachers also take a chunk of your grade from how much you participate.  So, even if you are shy around large groups of people, ask questions before or after class.  A good teacher will be more than happy and willing to stay after school to help you with whatever you need.  It shows them that you genuinely want to learn.

{talk to new people}
I know, I know.  You're a lone wolf who doesn't need anyone.  Or you're a wallflower who is too nervous to even say hi to someone.  Or you already have your own group of friends and think you don't need anymore friends.  Well I've been all three of those people.  I went throw many phases of figuring out who I am on the social food chain.  But I learned that you DO NEED PEOPLE!  You need close friends, mutual friends and classmates who you are on good terms with.  To be not only be successful in school, but you need people to keep some sort of sanity in your life.

If you hate drama, like I do, be patient and make sure to get to know everyone.  My close friend was telling me to just be patient because it takes time to sort through all of your classmates to see who you can really trust.  (My friend and I are both wallflowers, except she's a lot shyer than me.)  If you are Little Miss Popular, or just think you have enough friends, make sure to talk to new people.  You are going to need connections with people in your classes because you are going to rely on these people if something happens and you need help.  Some of my friends and I became friends because we relied on each other.  Mutual friends are always good to have.  If you are going through that phase where you think you don't need anyone, well I'm sorry because you are wrong.  You need someone!   You don't need to be best friends with people.  But you need to give people a chance.

{join something}
I'm sorry, but you can't be someone who just sits at home and studies, blogs, plays video games, etc... I may stay at home and study and blog a lot on the weekends.  But I do lots of stuff outside of school.  I love volunteer work.  It makes me feel so grateful for what I have and strive to help others more.  I also love being part of different clubs and organizations.  Being an active member of my church has helped me so much.  So just join something.  Something.  Anything!

My suggestions are to (1) join something you always have wanted to be a part of but have been too lazy to actually join!  (2) Join something that you never would have thought of joining.  I joined this science competition group at school and absolutely loved it!  (3) Don't ever join something because your friends are joining or you think it will be an easy class that will look good on your applications.  I almost did once.  My mom talked me out of it, thankfully.  I am so glad I didn't join something I wasn't really interested in.  If you are part of a group you aren't passionate about, you won't get anything accomplished and will only add to your levels of stress.

I hope this helps everyone start school off on the right foot.  These are just a few tips I have found to work over the years.  Some are from friends and others are the result of some silly mistakes I have made in the past.

Are you going to take charge this year?  Are you ready?  Are you going to start the school year off on the right foot?

PS. VMA's are tonight!  I am so excited to see all of the singers and groups on stage!  I won't be staying up late though...I'm just recording it on our DVR.

PPS.  Wish me luck on my first day of high school tomorrow!  I am praying everything goes good tomorrow!  I will update you on everything that happens tomorrow evening.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


This is going to be a long post.  But I think everyone will like it! :)

BFFAEAEAE... What does it mean you may ask?  Well let me explain.  About 2-3 years ago, I was sort of transitioning into middle/junior high school.  All of the people who were my best friends were fading out of my life as we all became older and experienced new things in our lives.  Then, new people started slowly coming into my life.  I always believed that the fading in and out of friends was just a part of life.  People grow and change, and we always adapt to survive.

My problem was that I was wanting to grow up too quickly.  I was just adapting to the new experiences life was throwing at me.  While I was growing and changing, a lot of the kids I grew up with were holding onto old friends, old memories and an old life.  So, I started to lose touch from most of them naturally.

That's when my friend, BMW*, came up with the acronym "BFFAEAEAE..." This just stands for "Best Friends Forever And Ever And Ever And Ever..."  I really didn't understand the concept until recently.  I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of  hanging out with the same old kids I grew up with; meaning the same old drama, the same old fights, the same old same old.  (No offense to any of them, but we were silly pre-teens then.)  I wanted to make new friends, meet new people, conquer the world.  (Ok, so maybe not necessarily conquer the world...)

So, I did exactly what I set out to do.  And I don't regret ONE choice I made.  I took the road less traveled, and I'm proud of where I am right now in my life.  My only problem is my lack of social skills. But I'm working on it.  Which, in reality, I don't need to be Prom Queen as long as I pass my College in High School courses in the future.  I talked to the people I saw on an everyday basis, people I thought were a lot like me and people that I just naturally became close with over the school year.

Now, a few years older and a few years wiser, I have come to really understand what BMW* meant.  BMW* just wanted all of us to be there for each other.  But I didn't listen.  And for a long time, I barely spoke to BMW* or my other childhood friends.  I didn't really start talking to BMW* on a regular basis until this past year.  (Even though we don't even go to the same high school or live near each other.)  I still call BMW* all the time.  I also talk to my really close friends Dancemaster* and Mell* as much as possible.  Even though we all go to different high schools, I am still close with all of them.  We grew up together, and I'm so glad they are a part of my life.

All three of us try to visit each other as much as possible.  Dancemaster*, Mell* and I are really close.  We weren't a clique.  (They just aren't snobby or rude, and neither am I.)  But we just 'got' each other the way the other kids couldn't.  We still can 'get' each other.  I tell those two girls so many things that I know other teens our age wouldn't understand.  We didn't actually become super close until fifth grade.  Then Mell* moved and transferred schools.  Then I transferred schools and moved.  As the distance between us grew, our friendships did as well.

I'm proud to say, all four of us found our ways in our four separate lives.  Mell* was accepted to a local Performing Arts school.  She had been working on her audition pieces for a while.  So when I heard that she was got into the school, I was/am so happy for her.  Dancemaster* is working hard to be a better dancer everyday.  (As her name probably suggests.)  And BMW* is working on being FABULOUS!  (But BMW* has already accomplished that I think.)  

I'm friends with these three amazing people for so many reasons.  They keep me grounded, smart, serious, real and myself.  I tell them everything and anything.  They are such great people.  I have other friends that I went to school with when I transferred last year.  And then I have friends that I am going to high school with in the fall.  But these three people are more than friends.  They are family.  They are the people that know and love me for who I really am.  I'm not sure how my family can deal with my craziness and OCD.  That's why I'm such good friends with these people; they understand my craziness!  We treat each other like family, but I've always considered them as family.  We are all going to be BFFAEAEAE...  I know it.

So, if you are starting middle school or high school, I have some advice for you!
  •  Make sure to stay in touch with the people who are the most important to you.  Also, stay somewhat in touch with old friends or the people you grew up with when you were little.  I don't really talk to some of the kids that I grew up with because we are all just so different.  But when I see them at social events, I at least try to make small talk and catch up with each other.
  • Don't try to grow up too fast.  I miss being a kid for many reasons, but I love being a teen for many other reasons.  I have found the perfect balance in my life because I try to live in the moment and learn something new everyday.
  • It's totally ok to make new friends, but just don't ditch all of your old friends.  It really hurt me that a guy I was best friends with since 2nd grade wouldn't even wave hi to me in the halls when we went to middle school.  It really does hurt.
  • In life, you have three types of friends: Friends for a reason, friends for a season, friends for a lifetime.  I'm lucky to have found so many friends that fit into all THREE of those categories.
  • Always remember to keep your eyes and mind open because everyone has a BFFAEAEAE...  It's just a matter time before you meet yours.  (Or realize who your's is.)  It took me 6 years to realize how fortunate I am to have not one BUT THREE!  I am so grateful that God brought those three amazing people into my life.

Well I guess this was an addition to my Back-to-School Series.  I've learned so much just in the past 2-3 years about friends, school and myself.  I am a stronger and smarter person because of my experiences, and I want to share my mistakes with you.  Hopefully you won't repeat them.  

Have you realized who your BFFAEAEAE... is?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back-to-School: Orientation

Orientation was today!  I had so much fun!  I'm exhausted, but it was all worth it.  I picked up a few tips from our tour guides today about how to survive high school.  I asked a few dumb questions, just because I wanted a straight answer, and they were questions I thought other people wanted to know the answer to as well.  So, here are a few tips I learned today from my classmates and the upperclassmen.  I have to make this post quick because I'm so tired from walking around campus.

So here is a list of things I learned today at Orientation that more teenage freshmens should know:

  • Talk to your new classmates
  • Ask real/smart questions
  • Ask silly/dumb questions (yes, do ask silly upperclassmen actually asked for dumb questions)
  • Introduce yourself to as many teachers and new classmates as possible
  • Talk to your tour guides/mentor (that's why you have one)
  • "Be Smart. Share Smarts" (The Smart Girls Group Message)
  • Take mental notes of all the important details
  • Put any important dates+times in your phone for future reference
  • Try to make as many friends as possible!!!!! (Seriously, Just Talk to People...Everyone is Nervous!)
  • "Sisters Before Misters" (I live by that phrase when it comes to friends and any type of drama)

I hope these tips help.  I'm really tired, and I have a big volunteer project all day tomorrow.  Bye!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back-to-School: Make a Schedule

Ok, tomorrow is Orientation!  I am so excited!  Today is Day Four of my Back-to-School Series.  Today, I am going to be talking about Making a Schedule.

I learned last year how important it is to make a schedule and then follow through.  But, it can be somewhat a challenge balancing school, homework, studying, clubs, after school activities, sports, volunteer work, personal life, etc... So, last year, I bought a personal agenda.  It really helped me keep sane and meet all of my deadlines.  I suggest not only owning an agenda for school assignments but also one for personal use.  Or just buy a jumbo one and combine both.

[Class Schedule]
I learned a few years ago to always make multiple copies of your class schedule.  When I received my schedule for school, I made multiple copies to have one wherever I need it.  I liked to keep one with a school map, my school agenda, on my home desk, etc...  This helps me memorize my schedule a lot quicker.  Plus, you should always call/text your friends to compare your schedules.  I always get a boost of confidence if I know that one of my friends is in class for me.

If your school doesn't give you a map or a class schedule until the first day of school, first of all, I'm sorry; but then you should make your own!  You probably should also make a mental map of your school and put it down on paper.  My grade school NEVER would give us our class schedules until the first day of school.  And I know I'm probably not going to get my class schedule for high school until Orientation (if I'm lucky) which is only two days before the first day of school!  But I also know the core classes and electives I will be taking.  I have an idea of what classes I'm going to take, but I can't wait to see my schedule itself.

[Personal Life]
All this week, I have been trying to figure out what my morning and evening routines are.  I kind of have it down to a science, but I'm still working on getting rid of the kinks.  I know how important it is to get your body into a routine before school starts.  Trying to wake up at 5:30 am "Cold-Turkey" is the reason why so many teens look like Zombies on the first day of school.  I, myself, don't know how I am going to get up in the morning on the first day of school.  I am afraid of missing the bus!  

I think one thing I really have been putting off for awhile has been reorganizing my agenda or buying a new agenda.  I think buying a new agenda would be nice, but I'm not sure if I really want a new agenda.  I'm kind of "On-The-Fence" on whether or not I really want or need a new agenda for school.  I believe you should make a schedule for your after-school activities and after-school homework/studying routine.  I believe you should: Make a Schedule and Stick to It.

How do you stick to a schedule?  Do you believe in using agendas or calendars or schedules, etc...?  Do you think that you are sometimes a Zombie on the first week of school because you aren't use to getting up so early?  Any tips on getting up early for school?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back-to-School: Get Ready

I really am excited for school!  I still can't believe school starts so soon!  Every morning I wake and think that I'm one day closer to High School.  I'm so excited.  For the past few days (or should I say weeks), I have been trying to get ready for school mentally!  So, today's post is about getting ready for school. 

Today is Day 3 of my Back-to-School Series!  (I can't believe that we are halfway through the week!)  Anyways, I want to talk to you about getting ready Mentally and Academically.

[Get Pumped: Mentally]
For the new school year, I like to do a few things to get my mind "In The Zone".  I like to make a list of things I want to accomplish in the new school year.  Whether it's "Volunteer more in the community", "Join new clubs at school", "Make as many friends as possible", etc...   One of my goals is to "Be More Confident".  I want to show off my personality more, rather than just be timid and shy in social settings.  So, I like to wake up every morning and tell myself that I'm going to be successful today.  I want to make a poster for my room with a quote I made myself.  It is: Today is a bright new day, and I am going to make the best of today.  :)

My dad recently gave me an amazing Life Lesson.  He told me to listen more to people, speakers who bring  hope and inspiration to my life rather than people, news hosts who bring anger and frustration in my life.  I realized how right he is.  Rather than focus on the negativity in my life, I need to focus more on the amazing gifts from God in my life.  It may sound like a little silly Life Lesson, but I love finding new quotes and speeches that inspire people.  I especially love searching for new quotes by famous leaders of the past.  Gandhi had created one of my favorite quotes about school and learning.

I also like to have just one mantra and one song to live by during the school year.  This year's mantra is The Smart Girls Group's signature phrase: Be Smart. Share Smarts.  I love that phrase because I think that I have so much I can learn from other people, and other people have at least one thing they can learn from me as a person.  My song, however, is a Taylor Swift song called "You Belong With Me".  I just love how upbeat and fun it is.  Plus, it has a happy ending when you think about the story behind it.  Every time I hear that song, I am totally pumped up and ready for anything!

[Get Prepped: Academically]
I haven't bought my school supplies yet!  (And it's driving me crazy!!!)  I am planning on shopping for my supplies this weekend.  (Between a big meeting, Orientation, movie date with my family, etc... I am so booked!)  But, when I do get my school supplies, I like to do a few things to prep them for school.  First of all, I think you should always label your school supplies.  I like the Avery label-sticker-thingys for label my calculator or anything with a hard surface.  But I like to take a Sharpie and label everything else.

Don't laugh, but I like to color-coordinate my notebooks, folders, binders, book covers, etc...  I did this last year, and it totally helped me.  My teachers always stressed that we should color coordinate our supplies because it's so easy to forget something you need for your homework if you don't think you need it.  They also stress the fact that you need to use your agenda.  It's no use owning an agenda if you don't use it!  Make sure to always write down any and every important date, time and event in your agenda.  (School or personal.)

Prep your backpacks!  I cannot stress that enough!!!  I probably only forgot my school agenda and everything binder once because I didn't prep my backpack the night before.  After that, I don't think it happened again.  Prepping my bag keeps me from going to school the next day scared, paranoid, frustrated, etc.. if I realize I forgot something at home.  I thought I was going to go crazy last year when I forgot my school agenda.  (Which was a big no-no at my grade school!)
I love this picture.  A teacher asked me to analyze this pictures (on the spot) when I was on a tour at my new High School.  I think it's funny!

[The Night/Week-Before Must Haves]
I like to make sure my life is in order before I go to bed every night.  It not only takes a lot off my mind, but it helps me in the morning to manage my time.  If you are in a rush in the morning, then your whole day is going to be messed up.  The Night-Before my first day of school I know I have to do a few things to be prepared for my First Day of High School.  I know I need to have my outfit for the First Day of School prepared the night before, even though I wear a uniform.  I'm very picky when it comes to the way I look; so I like things to be perfect.  So, I also like to plan out all of my outfits for the whole week.

Your body needs to get into a routine.  You will want to fall flat on your face if you aren't use to getting up early in the morning.  I always love to hear the jokes from teachers about how we all look like Zombies on the first day/first week of the new school year.  I'm nervous about not getting up early and missing the bus on the first day of school.  I sometimes even have nightmares about missing the bus because my school is so far away!

I hope this helps everyone get into a Back-to-School routine for the new school year.  Do you have a typical routine to get back into "The Swing-of-Things" for the new school year?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back-to-School: Clothes and Uniforms

Whether you are attending a private school or public school, you usually need to go back to school shopping for clothes.  So, today's post in the "Back-to-School" series is about Shopping for Clothes.  I mean, every girl loves to shop.  (Sorry, hate to stereotype, but it's just a saying.)  Anyways, I have a few tips on buying your Back-to-School clothes!

I recently had to go to Back-to-School shopping for my school uniforms for High School.  I had received a check around Graduation as a reward for an essay I wrote for an organization.  The reward was a check for $200!!!!  Sadly, I spent it on uniforms for the new school year over the Summer.  But, I must say, I got some cute pieces to mix and match for my uniforms.  I'm so glad I have my clothes already!  And I love my uniforms!  They are so Preppy!

My dress code says we, ladies, have to wear either a Blue or White Button-Down Oxford Blouse.  Our blouses can be either Short or Long Sleeves.  Then, in the Winter, we are allowed wear a Navy Cardigan, Vest or Sweater with the school insignia on it.  We can only wear the Sweaters, Cardigans or Vest from late Fall through early Spring, though.  But I'm so glad I have a Navy Cardigan to wear while walking around outside between the buildings on campus during the cold weather.  I've seen Upperclassmen in their uniforms before, and they are too cute and super Preppy! :)

My dress codes also says that the ladies can only wear Navy or Plaid Kilts, Double Kick Skirts or Skorts.  (Technically, we are allowed to wear Navy slacks, but no one really does.)  I bought a Plaid Kilt and Double Kick Skirt.  I really can't decide what to wear on the first day of school... I have so many ideas of what to mix and match with the pieces I bought this Summer. :)

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes... I'm looking for a few more pairs of nice shoes that are allowed under the dress code.  So far I have: 1 Pair of Black Penny Loafers, 1 Pair of Navy Penny Loafers, 1 Pair of Gray Pumps, 1 Pair of Brown UGGS/Boots, 1 Pair of Black/Leather Knee-High Boots and 1 Pair of Gray Knee-High Boots with Heels.  I know that's a lot, but shoes are one of the only thing that's going to let me show a bit of fashion sense and Preppy style.

Accessories!!!  All the Upperclassmen at my high school carry around nice designer handbags and wear really cute accessories.  I own a few handbags and purses that I'm definitely going to use in the Fall.  Plus, I love jewelry!  I absolutely adore all of the bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.. I got for Easter.  My friends know me for my accessories.  I just don't know what piece(s) of jewelry on the first day of school...

Here's an idea of what my uniform will look like in the Fall.

For all of you lucky Public School Kids, I have to say that you probably don't need to go out and spend $200 like I did on clothes.  I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite, but try to go easy on your folks' wallets and bank accounts.  I knew one of the ways I could get to chose whatever I wanted to wear at school in the Fall was to pay for the clothes myself.  So, if there's something you're dying to have that your parents said you can't have, BUY IT YOURSELF!  It will show that you are not only responsible but mature as well.  Parents will realize you are growing up and see how responsible you're becoming.  Both are really good things!

Anyways, when Back-to-School Shopping for Clothes, buy the necessities.  Or what I like to call "Staple Pieces".  I mainly own "Staple Pieces" and a few "Runway Pieces" that make my wardrobe never go out of style but also keep it in style! ;)  I also think that accessories can either make or break an outfit.  I've said this before... You can own only one simple, chic outfit for your whole life if you can wear a different pair of shoes and carry a different bag almost every day.  It's just a concept I live by when it comes to fashion.

Do you go to a school where you have to wear uniforms?  Do you agree with me that shoes and bags make or break an outfit?  How do you like to accessorize your outfits? 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer's Endless Summer Sale!!!!

Hey Lilly Lovers!  Many of you probably know that Lilly Pulitzer is holding it's annual "The Endless Summer Sale"!  I just got on their website today, and I wish my birthday was in August. :(  They have some amazing sales that are almost too good to pass up on.  Sadly, I must pass... I spent my $200 scholarship/award check on clothes in the beginning of July.  Bummer... :(

Anyways, just because I blew my Summer cash doesn't mean you gals should miss out on this SWEET Summer Sale!  Here's the URL for the website.  At the top of the homepage there is a countdown for the sale.  It's from August 19-August 21!  You better move quick before it's all over!

I would get over to the site A.S.A.P.!  I saw abunch of different items that were already sold out!
Good Luck Ladies!

I hope you find a great sale and can walk away with precious pieces from the Lilly Pulitzer Collection!

T.T.Y.L.  I have to get back to the website and admire the fantastic sales that are going on right now! :)

-Lover of Lilly Pulitzer Products!

How To: Paint Your Nails

I recently decided to start a series of "How To" posts.  I figure why not start off the series with something sweet and simple.  Painting Your Nails.  It may sound silly to write about something as simple as painting your nails.  But I'm always so baffled when my friends tell me that they paid $20, $30, even $40 at the salon!  The thing that amazes me the most is that they think my nails look just as pretty if not better.  People tell me that I have pretty nails.  Which is a little strange, I know.  But I like having nice, polished and rounded nails.  

I've found that over the years, painting my nails is a simple and free way to relax while studying.  I don't have a big Nail Polish Collection; but my sister does, and I can usually borrow any polish from her.  I've always wanted to have a Kardashian Party, which is just a party that's a sleepover where you paint everyone's nails and have a 'spa -like' atmosphere.  Simple but sweet.

(I have 10 simple steps on)
How To: Paint Your Nails.

Remove your nail polish with nail polish remover, q-tips and cotton balls.  I like to dip q-tips in the nail polish remover to get into the hard-to-reach spaces in your nails.
(You can skip this step if you don't have any nail polish on currently.)

Wash your hands and apply some hand lotion.
(This is also optional, but I like to wash my hands just to get the nails themselves clean before preparing them for painting.)

"File", "Buff", and "Polish" your nails using a Nail Buffer Cube and a Nail Filer.
Choose your nail polish.

Paint a base coat of your nail polish on one hand.  And wait for the polish to totally dry.
(Paint one hand at a time so you don't knick the wet polish.)

After the one had has dried, paint the base coat of your nail polish on the other hand.  Then wait for the polish to totally dry.

Paint two-three more coats of polish on both of your hands.  You can paint more coats to get the desired color depth you want.  I don't like to paint more than 4-5 coats of polish even with a thin polish.
(Just remember to take it one coat and one had at time.)

After all of your nail polish has totally dried, you can paint a coat of sparkles or top coat on top of your real nail polish color.  I don't like to paint more than 2-3 coats of polish when painting sparkles and top coat on top of a base color.

Wait 5-10 minutes to make sure your nails are TOTALLY dry before you start on any new task.  DO NOT try to multitask with wet nails!  Not Smart...

Repeat this whole process if you have the time to paint your toe nails.

Hope this helps everyone!  I personally LOVE essie colors because they have pretty colors and even the bottle looks ADORABLE! :)

Do you have any tips on painting your nails?  Do you like the essie line of polishes as much as I do?


PS. I think I will be doing a post about painting a French Manicure or French Tips sometime soon!

Back-to-School: School Supplies

For the next week, I will be writing about different tips and pieces of advice on how to be prepped and prepared for the new school year.  I know some of my friends are already starting school or have orientation this week, but I still have at least one week to myself before school starts! ahhhhh....

Today is Monday, right?  Yay!  That means not only do I have time to get prepped for school, but I also have a bit of time to tell you guys all of my advice on being ready for school.  Even though some people may have already started started school last week or start this week, I don't start for a while.  But if you are starting after Labor Day Weekend, I am so totally jealous! ;)

My school recently sent out a letter about homeroom, orientation, classes, school supplies, etc... They said I need to only bring Single Subject Notebooks, Pens and Pencils!  Simple.  This is probably because each teacher has a different list for what they require for their class.  I personally have my own "list" that works for me every year.

Anyways, down to business.  Today I'm going to be blogging about my choices for Back-to-School Supplies for the 2013-2014 School Year!


I personally like Single Subject Notebooks for Language, English, History, Electives, Religion, etc... But I like using Three Subject Notebooks for Math and Science/Technology.  Then, I love using Lilly Pulitzer Notebooks (or my Mickey Mouse Notebook) for personal use or for my blog.

Bic Black Pens

Pilot G2 Pens
Bic "Latin Pens"

Black Bic Pens: They are so simple and sleek.  I stash them in my pencil case, bag, etc...  They write really easily.  I lose pens so quickly; Bic ones are nice enough.  I prefer them over others ones.  Yet they are cheap enough that I don't care if I lose/forget them in school or at home.

Pilot G2 Pens: These are my favorite pens in the world!  My mom and I both love them.  She uses them at work, and I like using them for school.  They look good on applications and letters.  I don't like them when studying or working on class work, but they are great for any professional work.

Bic "Latin Pens": I've blogged about these pens before I think.  These are great for studying.  I love them just because they make all of my notes pretty but don't smear like a G2 does.

Traditional No. 2 Pencils

Bic Mechanical Pencils

No. 2 (Traditional) Pencils: I usually buy No. 2 pencils that you have to sharpen because I know I will be taking standardized tests at school no matter what grade I'm going into.  It's just a fact of life.  I can be really OCD, so I need to always be prepared for whatever happens in my crazy life!

Bic Mechanical Pencils: Mechanical pencils are so nice to use when you are just writing page after page of notes.  They are trustworthy and chic.  I think Mechanical pencils just make life easier.

Erasers: I erase whole pages of paper in my math classes somedays.  I love my big erasers because they keep me from totally destroying the erasers on my pencils.


Casio Calculator
I use a simple scientific calculator that I bought a few years ago because it was on sale.  It was probably $12.00! :)


Lilly Pulitzer Agendas
Lilly Pulitzer Agendas: I <3 Lilly Pulitzer Agendas!  I blogged about them the other day.  I think I put them underneath the title "Lilly Pulitzer Planners/Agendas".  I really think they are super cute!

School Agenda: I technically have to buy an agenda from the school for my school year.  I usually have so much homework and activities that I need a personal and academic planners.  (But that's another story.)

Personal Agenda:  I have a personal agenda that I've been using for awhile.  But it doesn't look right, my OCD is kind of kicking in whenever I look at it.  I really want to buy a new one before school starts.


Backpack: Last year, I usually carried around a plain pink backpack to carry my books to and from school.  I have been contemplating the idea of using my old one from last year or one that's a little bigger from 2 years ago or buy a new one.  I think the only way I would buy a new book bag would be if I saw a really cute one on sale.  I'm not cheap; I just rather spend my money elsewhere.  And I'm not necessarily an eco-girl, but I believe in Reduce-Reuse-and-Recycle when it comes to bags or shoes.

Totes: I liked using totes during class last year.  I had to go to my locker multiple times a day, so I didn't like carrying around a bunch of stuff I didn't need.  I like carrying totes because they look TOTES adorable (sorry, just had to!) and they were so in with all of my friends last year.  I'm just not sure about whether or not they are going to be 'in' now that I'm going to high school.  It's a whole new ballgame.

What are you required to bring to school on your first day of school?  Are you buying the 'bare minimums' or do you have a REAL School Supplies List?  Any things that you know you are going to need for your New School Year?


Whodunnit Seasons Finale Review

I don't know about you, but the hit TV show Whodunnit became my late-night guilty pleasure over the Summer!  (Yes, I am a nerd who likes to go to bed early!)  I grew up loving the game and the movie Clue all of my life.  I love any type of mystery show.  I even would watch the TV show Blues Clues as a toddler!  So this show was the perfect fix for me this Summer to get a little crime and drama!

Followers of the show Tweeted, Posted, Liked, etc... about the show all Summer long!  Some people actually thought the people on the show were being killed off for real!  As silly as it may sound, I actually thought that the players were being killed for real too at first.  Then, when they were showing the people who were killed off that week talking, I realized just how AMAZING the special effects and make up artists are on this show.

Ok, so I found a great summary of the show off of  I hate the idea of "stealing" from Wikipedia.  So here's the link to the website with the great summary.

SPOILER ALERT!  I reveal who the Killer is at the end of this article!

The show itself is a spin-off of Clue.  There's the Butler, the Maids, the Guests (who come to this house not knowing they are about to be murdered) and the Killer.  The show starts off with a juicy murder as soon as everyone starts to settle in to Rue Manor.  Then, Giles admits to the guest that the Killer is among the contestants.  This show, however, has the contestants playing for $250,000!  The contestants compete for this large prize by solving riddles, "Stating Their Case" (which is telling the Killer who they think the Killer is and why) and waiting to see if they were right or about to be killed off.  After dinner, Giles (the Butler) comes in to reveal how the recent murder all went down and reveals which contestant had "The Best Case".  That one contestant is then "Spared/Safe".  Meaning they won't be killed in the near future.  Giles then hands out the rest of the envelops that hold the cards for each person that reveal whether or not the player was "Spared or Scared".  The players go around the table to reveal what their card says to the rest of the group.  The Killer usually only gives out TWO "Scared" cards and kills only ONE person.  But the Killer has been known to hand out THREE "Scared" cards and killed TWO people.  They always love to keep everyone on their toes on this show.

So over the past few months, I have been totally addicted to this show.  I usually never miss an episode.  If I do, I always watch it the next day OnDemand or on my DVR.  I usually watched it alone, but my sister recently became addicted too after watching the show over at a friend's house this summer.  Last night was the huge season finale, and almost everyone in the house was on the edge of their chair watching to see what was going to happen.  My dad and brother, of course, automatically assumed who the Killer was.  I had the same guess, and we were all correct.

For those of you who didn't see the season finale, let me recap.  Last week, Giles was taken hostage and Melina was killed.  This week, the players had to solve multiple riddles, a murder AND prove Giles's Innocence.  In the end, Lindsey (one of the players) was killed.  And then there were two... In a hidden room, both Kam (Homeland Sec. Atty.) and Cris (Fmr. Beauty Queen) find themselves watching Lindsey (Engineer) be murdered in a trap set up by the Killer.  The thing is that both of them were sent there by the Killer to ultimately watch Lindsey's demise and find out...Whodunnit!  Kam automatically realized they were both sent there by the Killer and claimed his that he was innocent.  Cris, on the other hand, didn't have the time because, as soon as Kam asked if she was the Killer, Lindsey was on the screen being murdered.

Kam finally realizes that Cris is the only other player left and accuses her of being the Killer.  She congratulates him with a rhyme (like the rhymes the Killer had given the contestants before).  Giles then comes in with Golden Handcuffs and a large suitcase with the $250,000 in it!  Kam gets to handcuff Cris, and then the police escort her out of the building into the police car to "go to jail".  Not!  I don't think the Killer knows they are the Killer until the very end when everyone else does, but the Killer can't really be killed off (for obvious reasons).   That part was the only confusing part for me.

Are you a big fan of Whodunnit?  Did you know who the Killer was before the season finale?  Are you praying that there is a new season next Summer like me!?


PS. I knew who the Killer was this whole entire time!  I talked about it the other night at the dinner table, and I was right!  Booya!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's in My Bag: Summer Edition

I'll admit it; I can be very nosy.  I love reading blogs that have posts about what's in other peoples' bags.  So, I've decided to do a post about what I usually take to the park, a bonfire or picnic during the Summer.  I don't usually take these things EVERYWHERE I go, but I like being prepared for anything when going to an "outdoorsy" event.

When I went to the fireworks show last weekend, I took a few things.  I was in a hurry when getting ready to go; so I just grabbed my coral bag from Aeropostale.  It's no Longchamp, but it was the first tote I saw that I was comfortable with getting dirty.  I grabbed my bag and started tossing in the things I knew I needed.


  • Mickey Mouse Notebook (Blogging/Personal Notebook)
  • Sketch Pad: I love drawing when I'm out in the country!
  • Planners: I'm actually looking into buying a new one (Preferably a Lilly one!)
  • Tiny Notebook: It's quick and easy to whip it out to jot down some ideas that come to me.
  • Cellphone (My "Jellybean"'s an inside joke)
  • EOS Egg (Lip Balm)
  • Hair Ties (Just in case of emergencies)
  • Baby Wipes: I learned that they are a Must Have from my mom!
  • Hand Sanitizer: Also a Must Have!
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Bugspray: Outdoorsy event...another Must Have!
  • Extra Socks: Strange, but they were used and came in handy at the bonfire!
  • Sweats and a Sweatshirt
  • Fluffy Blanket ;)
Yeah, most people are going to think I'm a packrat.  But I must say, I used everyone of those things.  My mom actually was really happy I brought all of those things because EVERYONE in the family needed something from my bag!  I love being prepared.  My friends always say how they can rely on me to be Little Miss Prepared.  I do love being prepared and organized.  (I'm very Type A!)  I like being ready for whatever this crazy life throws at me! :)

PS. I will be posting my review of the hit show "Whodunnit" in just a minute!

Lilly Planners

I don't know if I have told you guys this before, but I am a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan!  I have been dying to buy a Lilly Agenda for the new school year for a while now.  The thing is that my parents won't buy me an agenda because I'm already buying an agenda for school from the school. :(  All I can say is that Christmas can't come soon enough.  (Santa and his elves better know how to get Lilly Pulitzer products!)  ;)

Now...Most preppie prepster know that August 1st is National Lilly Pulitzer Day because all Lilly Agendas always start on August 1!  Anyways, I've had my eye on all of the Lilly Agendas for some time.  And I have to say, Lifeguard Press is probably the BEST place to buy all things Lilly!  I just found this website recently while browsing for Lilly products online.  (Then I heard Carly mention it on TCP, so I knew it was trustworthy.)  I can't believe I've been missing out on this amazing website for all this time!  You have to check out the website at

Here are my favorite Lilly Agendas from Lifeguard Press: 

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda
 - Coronado Crab

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda
 - Chiquita Bonita

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda
 - Tiger Lilly

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda
 - Lulu

2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda
 - Lets Cha Cha
2013-2014 Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda
 - Coronado Crab

These are just some of the Lilly Agendas Lifeguard Press sells online.  These are my favorite ones from their collection.  I absolutely LOVE the "Lets Cha Cha" print!  A lot of my favorite blogs have the "Lets Cha Cha" print as their background; and I thinks its just FABULOUS!  My favorite has to be the Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda- Lets Cha Cha!  My second favorite is the Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda- Get Nauti!  I think they are so cute because they are super BEACHY!  (FYI "The Beach" is one of my favorite places in the world.)

I think I'll be able to get a Lilly Agenda pretty soon.  ;)  My only problem is what size to get?  I don't know a lot of people from my school who have Lilly products.  So I don't have a clue what size agendas work the best for school or personal use.  I'm leaning towards the Pocket Size one in "Lets Cha Cha".  But the Jumbo Size "Get Nauti" is my second choice.  Space Vs. Flexibility is my major concern.  I know I can't manage 1 school agenda, 2 personal ones, and a Jumbo Size Desk Calendar.  It's just not physically possible for someone who is so OCD as me!  (But that's another problem and another story for another time.) ;)

What do you think?  Jumbo or Pocket Size?  Do you own any Lilly products?  If so, don't you just LOVE Lilly Pulitzer anything!?


PS. Hey Lifeguard Press!  I totally adore your website!  I am a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade New York!  I will definitely be doing some online window shopping (and real shopping) sometime soon! 
PPS. Sorry for the Lilly pictures so not-straight.  My OCD is kinda kicking in because they don't look straight and I can't fix it!!!  (Yes, I'm a little quirky.)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Most of my friends already know that I am OBSESSED with organization!  I love to read and find new methods of staying organized in my life.  I recently found this blog called The College Prepster when looking for good methods for studying.  The blog is AMAZING; I literally get on the site every day as soon as I get on the computer.  My favorite article is "INTENSE STUDY TIPS", and it gave me some great tips on how to study and stay organized. (Obviously!!)  I think that I am definitely going to refer to these tips in the future when studying for Midterms and Finals.

For all of you readers who don't know of this awesome blog, let me give you a little background information.  The author is Carly A. Heitlinger.  She is a lot like me: quirky, OCD, hard-working and driven!  That's one of the reasons why I absolutely love her blog!  She's also a great role model for me and other young girls/bloggers out there.  Carly is a real girl with real confidence and real success.  She has experienced high school, college and is now tackling the crazy thing called, "The Real World"!  (I probably sound like I'm writing a report on Carly, don't I?)  Anyways...She proved to me that you can do it all if you really want it!  All you need to be successful is hard work and the drive to accomplish more. :)

The College Prepster introduced to me to so many new concepts and things.  I have found so many new blogs that the followers of TCP write themselves.   I actually never knew what Lilly Pulitzer was until recently after reading about it on the blog.  (Sad, right?)  Reading the amazing tips on studying and school actually inspired me to write this blog. :)  I decided to share my tips and ideas and thoughts on my own blog.  The College Prepster became successful, I believe, because it's real and honest.  It gives it to you straight.  It tells you tips that work for studying and things that don't.  

Since I found this blog, I have become ADDICTED to it!  Reading TCP has helped me relax when I'm being OCD.  It's my favorite thing to read when I'm really stressed about anything and everything.  Over the Summer, I was searching for tips on how to study and be successful in school; I ended up stumbling upon TCP along with other great blogs.  After I found TCP, I was so excited to start reading about studying.  I have learned so much from the blog.  I hope to share some tips on school and life with you guys soon.  All I want to do is share my knowledge with other people through this blog.

I love so many things about The College Prepster.  First of all, I love Lilly Pulitzer anything!  And I'm so thankful for TCP for introducing me to Lilly and Lifeguard Press.  Plus, I love anything PREPPY!  My mom said she was the same way when she was a teen.  Monograms, Button Down Oxfords, Blazers, Levi Jeans, Penny Loafers, etc... was her style!  (Sounds a lot like my school uniforms and my style!)  I love lists!  I have been making lists like crazy lately!!!!  I also love the awesome giveaways from TCP.  They are always so nice and preppy!  Yay!  Finally...I LOVE Georgetown and Washington, DC!!!!!  'Nuff Said, right?

Are there any blogs that you love?  Have you ever read an article from TCP?  If so, don't you love the blog?