Sunday, October 20, 2013

Organization 101: Note-taking

So here is another one of my posts about staying organized in school.  

As you can tell, I have some crazy messy handwriting when I'm taking notes.  This is actually a picture of my notes from Civilization Class (AKA History).  I technically use any random pen I find in my bag, but I used a Latin Pen the day I was taking these notes.  

I usually have to write notes as quickly as possible in my Civ class because my teacher likes to go fast.  I have realized how he teaches after a full semester of  writing as much as possible.  You will probably notice that I write bits and pieces of shorthand when I can.  I don't like writing stuff  out that isn't necessary.

Here's an outline of what my notes look like in most of my classes that are 'Humanities' classes.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Did this post help you with new ideas on how to take notes?  I'm still experimenting of course, but I'm trying to keep myself from scribbling down stuff like my friends do!


Organization 101: Note-taking (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of my Organization 101 blog posts!  I love writing these because this is what I've been looking for lately on Pinterest and other blogs.  Today I'm going to be talking about different methods of taking notes. I'm going to be focusing on Cornell Notes, Blank Canvas, and Outlining/Paraphrasing.  These are usually the methods I used for studying and taking notes in school.

{Cornell Notes}
Cornell notes usually work for all of my 'Humanities' classes.  But they can work for almost every class.  Here's a link on how to write Cornell Notes...

{Blank Piece of Paper}
This method is so much more flexible.  A blank piece of paper is a blank canvas for me.  I don't always use a blank sheet of copy paper.  I usually use notebook paper because then it's in with other notes.  It's just easier that way I can refer to it in the future.
With Geometry, I like to list all of my formulas and explain what they are.  Or I'll write a vocabulary term with a drawing next to it so I understand what it means.  It's harder to study for a Geometry test because you have to just know the formulas and know how to solve for answers.  So I like to take problems from my notebook or past assignments and put them in as a reference of how you solve with the formulas I have listed.

I think I have mentioned this before, but I love just bulletins points and using the standard style of title, subtitle, and notes.  This method works for me.  I can scribble stuff down and still get the meat and potatoes of the topic.  You just have to be able to write down what is necessary and forget about the minor details.  I'm still trying to figure out which is which... ;)

So What Works for You?  Do you have any types or methods of taking notes in school?  Or are you still experimenting?  I'm still experimenting... Any tips or suggestions?


Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five Faves

So here is this week's Friday FiveFaves!  This week was a crazy one but a fun one also!  I  apologize for not being able to blog every day... I'm still trying to prioritize my schedule.

{one: coffee}
Well this is am obvious one.  I don't drink it every morning, but I do enjoy having a nice Cup of Joes every once in a while.  I actually have a new recipe that I love!  It's a cheaper version of a mocha latte.   I'll talk about it later!

{two: Study Hacks Blog}
I recently discovered this blog, and it is AMAZING!  It has some great tips for studying and college.  I especially like the articles about the Zen Valedictorian! I'm experimenting with my study methods this year to figure out what works!

{three: DIY Lilly Pulitzer}
I have been reading different articles, posts and pins on Pinterest about DIY-ing Lilly Pulitzer products!  I'm working on how to paint different prints used by Lilly Pulitzer.

{four: caffeine!!!!!} 
Ok.  I know. I know.  Caffeine is bad for teenagers because it is harmful on the human body.  But it's nice having a Coke or Dr. Pepper from the vending machines.  I took my IOWA standardized detest today, and a little sugar and caffeine was a nice reward for after the test.  I'm working on not drinking pop as much, but I need to start drinking more water throughout the day instead... #MakeGoodDecisions

{five: MY SENIOR!!!!!!}
On Wednesday, I went on my F&S picnic!  It was wet, cold and rainy.  Yet, it was still lots of fun!  I hope to talk about my Freshman and Senior Picnic someday in the future.

I had lots of fun this week!  I learned a lot about myself and my friends in so many ways.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Over-The-Hump Day Quote: Inspiration and Love

I'm so sorry I haven't been working on the blog lately!  I have been super busy and, to be honest, have  been having a hard time coming up with ideas for posts... But here is one type of posts I love writing!  My over the hump day quote post is about inspiration and love.  I found these today while just looking at some new quotes on this app I have.  So here they are!



So share these with anyone and everyone!  Make someone smile and laugh with these.  That's kind of why I put them up in the first place.  ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!  I will try to work more on the blog... It's just a challenge because I'm juggling a lot right now.

 Any ideas on blog post ideas?  Any tips on balancing school and blogging?