Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catfish: The TV Show

Calling all Catfish fans!  This post is in honor of you guys.  Last night, I sat up to watch one of my new favorite tv shows.  Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality-based docudrama television series airing on MTV about the truths and lies of online dating. The series is based on the 2010 film Catfish and is hosted by Nev Schulman.  (Found that online)  

I actually got hooked on the show over the summer after finding it On-Demand.  Every Tuesday, I get home from rehearsal then I go straight to the TV to watch my two favorite shows.  First is Twisted and then the new episode of Catfish is on MTV.  I guess I'm just a creature of habit.  Last night, I decided I wanted to blog about Catfish: The TV Show because it's one of my Summer Favorites.  

First of all I have to say that Nev and Max are awesome!  They are so kind and really know how to prep someone for just-in-case kind of situations.  I think Catfishing is the online version of a blind date gone wrong.  Let me explain to those of you who have never seen Catfish: The TV Show.  Catfishing is "The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time)." (  You can call me old fashion, but I don't trust everything I see or read on the internet.  I'm sure other people have made so many new friends and relationships with people online, but I don't think I'm ready for Social Media Relationships.  I've seen that some of these online relationships don't involve someone getting hurt.  And I love that about the show.  I believe in living happily ever after, but I don't believe in being naive.  When you're naive, you increase the risk of getting yourself hurt.  Online dating is a way of the future, and shows how we as a culture are evolving.  Yet, this show begs the question, "Is online dating the NEW way to meet your 'Soulmate'?" 

All I can say is "Watch Your Back Online", "Always Be Honest", and remember that you don't always live "Happily Ever After".  I believe in Living in the Moment; Living in the Real World.  The internet is part of the real world, but you don't get to go on dates where you sit and talk for hours together if you are only sitting at home chatting on Facebook.  I love the internet and social media because it lets you communicate with people anywhere in the world.  Which is both a good and bad thing.  With over SEVEN BILLION people in the world, is it necessary to date new people online to be able to find 'Your Perfect Match'? 

But I have a serious question for the people who have been Catfished or are in a serious online relationship.  Please don't take this the wrong way; I'm just really curious... Do you fall in love with the person because of their looks and profile image then become more attached with their personality?  Leave a comment if you have an answer to my question. :)

Also, for any of my readers out there, "Have YOU ever been Catfished or 'Hooked' someone into a fake online relationship?" 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The "My Life"...My Number One Back-To-School Supply

I can't believe it is almost AUGUST everyone!  And you know what that means... Back-To-School Shopping Season!!! I was joking with my mom the other day that I must really be a nerd because my favorite time of the year is Back-To-School Shopping!  I was practically jumping up and down the other day when I saw a Back-To-School advertisement on TV.  I know,a little strange...  Well I don't care what people think because I love staying organized.  It is the only way I can keep some sanity in my school life! :O

My Summers are often slow, but Back-To-School Shopping reminds me that Summer is coming to a close.  That means one thing: School is starting soon, and I need to get my game face on!  Most of my friends ask how it is that I could keep all of my applications, contests, volunteer work, extra curricular activities, personal life, grades AND school work all in order without going crazy.  I always would pull out one of two of my little personal agendas.  My friends would all flip through it and see how organized I was.  I also had an agenda JUST for my homework assignments and tests.  So when people saw my crazy personal agenda, they would call it, "My Life".

My friend/mentor actually got me started with the idea of keeping a personal agenda during her Junior year.  She always carried one around with her everywhere.  So, I kind of 'stole' the idea from her, but she doesn't mind.  All of last year I started to keep a personal planner to write EVERYTHING down.  And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  I didn't have the room to write assignments or upcoming tests down though...that's for the school agenda.  Anyways... below is a picture of what the design of my agenda is like.  I jot down events in the monthly sections and actually details in the weekly sections.
Monthly and Weekly designs are a MUST when buying an agenda! 
Over the summer, I kind of took it to the next step.  I started to color code everything just so it would stand out a little more.  Of course, I had to use "Latin Pens" (inside joke I'll explain later) to color code everything.  This is what type of planner I use.  The inside looks just like this except I don't have translations of the same month.  I have everything inside of my agenda.  I use to only write one or two of the big things when I first got it.  But I realized that you should write every single little event in your life so you don't forget.  I have trouble remembering what books to take home let alone have to worry where I'm suppose to be in 20 minutes.  Trust me, it is soooo helpful to just be able to glance at the monthly calendar every evening to see when an application is due.  I would have missed so many deadlines if it weren't for this little planner!  Whooh...

This is what the inside of my current agenda looks like (except my months are only in one language)

Now, I recently bought a friend a 'Life' after he would call, text or even steal my planner to find out when we had an extra practice or when the deadline was for the applications.  So, I had a choice.  Give him "My Life"  or buy him one of his own.  It was Christmas time; so I just bought him one that was on sale and gave it to him as a present.  To tell you the truth, he STILL uses it today!  Some of my other friends love just looking at "My Life" because they love to read all of the quotes I write in the margins for inspiration.  I even write some of my more famous quotes in my friends' agendas!

My advice to anyone that is doing some Back-To-School Shopping, buy a "Life"! I always buy mine on sale because I'm kind of a cheap-skate.  But Mead always has good student planners to keep you really organized.  My current one is a medium sized Blue Sky personal agenda.  I love it to pieces.  I always tease my friends that I would be totally lost without "My Life" .  So if you have a disorganized teenager living at your house, then buy them a little "Labor Day Present" as my Algebra teacher always says!  You will be thanking yourself later, and the student will be thanking you as well. ;)

Good Luck All You Back-To-School Students!  Please send me some feedback on the ways you stay organized and what you think of "My Life"!!!  I can't wait to read your comments!

-Your Back-To-School Shopaholic