Saturday, August 17, 2013

Most of my friends already know that I am OBSESSED with organization!  I love to read and find new methods of staying organized in my life.  I recently found this blog called The College Prepster when looking for good methods for studying.  The blog is AMAZING; I literally get on the site every day as soon as I get on the computer.  My favorite article is "INTENSE STUDY TIPS", and it gave me some great tips on how to study and stay organized. (Obviously!!)  I think that I am definitely going to refer to these tips in the future when studying for Midterms and Finals.

For all of you readers who don't know of this awesome blog, let me give you a little background information.  The author is Carly A. Heitlinger.  She is a lot like me: quirky, OCD, hard-working and driven!  That's one of the reasons why I absolutely love her blog!  She's also a great role model for me and other young girls/bloggers out there.  Carly is a real girl with real confidence and real success.  She has experienced high school, college and is now tackling the crazy thing called, "The Real World"!  (I probably sound like I'm writing a report on Carly, don't I?)  Anyways...She proved to me that you can do it all if you really want it!  All you need to be successful is hard work and the drive to accomplish more. :)

The College Prepster introduced to me to so many new concepts and things.  I have found so many new blogs that the followers of TCP write themselves.   I actually never knew what Lilly Pulitzer was until recently after reading about it on the blog.  (Sad, right?)  Reading the amazing tips on studying and school actually inspired me to write this blog. :)  I decided to share my tips and ideas and thoughts on my own blog.  The College Prepster became successful, I believe, because it's real and honest.  It gives it to you straight.  It tells you tips that work for studying and things that don't.  

Since I found this blog, I have become ADDICTED to it!  Reading TCP has helped me relax when I'm being OCD.  It's my favorite thing to read when I'm really stressed about anything and everything.  Over the Summer, I was searching for tips on how to study and be successful in school; I ended up stumbling upon TCP along with other great blogs.  After I found TCP, I was so excited to start reading about studying.  I have learned so much from the blog.  I hope to share some tips on school and life with you guys soon.  All I want to do is share my knowledge with other people through this blog.

I love so many things about The College Prepster.  First of all, I love Lilly Pulitzer anything!  And I'm so thankful for TCP for introducing me to Lilly and Lifeguard Press.  Plus, I love anything PREPPY!  My mom said she was the same way when she was a teen.  Monograms, Button Down Oxfords, Blazers, Levi Jeans, Penny Loafers, etc... was her style!  (Sounds a lot like my school uniforms and my style!)  I love lists!  I have been making lists like crazy lately!!!!  I also love the awesome giveaways from TCP.  They are always so nice and preppy!  Yay!  Finally...I LOVE Georgetown and Washington, DC!!!!!  'Nuff Said, right?

Are there any blogs that you love?  Have you ever read an article from TCP?  If so, don't you love the blog?


  1. I love the college prep toooo! I've been reading Carly for years :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  2. Carly is one of my favorite blogs too! I read it every day!