Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday Five Faves

I think this has been the longest week in my life!!! And my school week only lasted 3 days!  I broke down crying three times during and after school.  I took test after test. I've learned a lot in the last few days.  I made mistakes, but I learned from them.  And that's all a person can do.  So here are five things that helped me keep some bit of sanity these last few days...

{one: candy}
Oh.  My beloved candy!  If it weren't for candy I definitely would have cried more.  I don't necessarily eat because of the way I feel, but candy always helps a person feel a little happier.  My two favorite candies have to be Skittles and Twix!

{two: hairspray!!!}
I am addicted to this one hairspray from Suave.  It's an aerosol can so it's not really... environmentally-friendly.  I don't like that about it, but it's the best hairspray I've used in a long time!  I think that it doesn't make my hair crunchy, yet it also keeps the curl.  (Which is really good!  Considering my hair hates keeping a curl or wave!)  My mom is getting a few things before my Confirmation tomorrow, and I'm dying to get another bottle because I got my first bottle around Homecoming, and I'm almost out of it!  That's how much I love it!

{three: Avicii}
I'm in love with Avicii!  I love his song "Wake Me Up"!  I literally listened to it three times in one day this past week!  I really am into the instrumentals.  I just think his music is very indie!  And I LUV IT!

{four: Christmas Movies!}
Yes, November starts the Christmas season for the movies on Hallamrk and Lifetime.  My friend Kate and I both have been watching all of the Christmas movies on TV for the past few weekends!  I love he holidays!  So much excitement and anticipation!

{five: Christmas Music!}
To go along with the Christmas Movies, CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  I can't stop singing Christmas music!  I was practicing the music at Choir the other night.  I think it's absolutely cheery and upbeat!  Gotta Love the Holidays!

Are you as excited about the Holidays as I am?

PS: Tomorrow is my big Confirmation Ceremonial Mass!  Wish me luck and Pray that the Holy Spirit may come down upon me and my classmates!  I'm soooo excited!  I'm just filled with JOY!

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